Friday, August 1, 2008

HaPpY FrIdAy!!!!!!!!!

Well here we are… another Friday! I am SO HAPPY that it’s Friday, but a little sad too! My hubby is leaving me tomorrow to head up to Oregon with his parents and all of our riding friends =( I have to stay and work! BUT Absence makes the heart grow fonder… that’s what they say anyway! SO tonight I am gonna make my man a mean MAC AND CHEESE dinner! It’s not going to be any of that OUT OF THE BOX junk! Anyone who knows me knows I am a FOOD NETWORK fanatic and I watch that channel 24/7 (give or take). So I found this really yummy sounding recipe that has a home made mac-and-cheese and on top a sprinkle of crushed potato chips and bacon! How could you go wrong? It’s my first time attempting home made macaroni and cheese but I am feelin’ confident! Wish me luck!!!!

None of this JUNK!
This is more like it!

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