Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Weekend's Over... Already =(

This weekend has completely flown by! Seems like they all go to fast lately!
I had a really good weekend even though my hubby left for Oregon EARLY Saturday morning and I am already missing him like crazy... I went to dinner with my brother and my friend Jamie and her son Aiden. Then we headed out to the fair to watch the TUFF TRUCK/MUD BOG competitions! Talk about some good ol' fashioned HILLBILLY fun! Good times. It was really nice to see and hang out with some people I don't see too often and my mom and brother! It was a fun and crazy night BUT (believe it or not) I didn't get one picture of the nights events... Just pics of everyone having a good time!
Aiden, Jamie and Me (Jamie TOO or TWO)
Jamie 1 and 2
Spenser, Bob and Me (my signature pose !)

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