Friday, August 29, 2008

Last Weekend... and this Weekend

Last week I told you that Craig and I were going to head to the Squeeze Inn for lunch over the weekend. We went and it was DELICIOUS! OMG everything we remembered. We highly recommend this little "dive"! If you are in Sacramento you have to go!
After the Sqeeze we dropped in to visit our friends Keith and Alicia. It's been awhile since we have hung out with the two of them together. We had SO MUCH fun... I can't even tell you! It was totally unexpected so I don't have any pics (sorry to disappoint). It was so nice to see them! We hung out... ate... drank... the usual. I think I built up some abs from laughing so hard!
This weekend we are heading up to Collins Lake to camp. We normally go sand camping and riding somewhere but since we are off to Malibu for Brett and Tiffany's wedding next weekend we decided to stay local. Craig is already there with his parents and Spenser and I will head up after work! I can't wait. I will be taking a ton of pictures of that for sure!
Hope everyone has a happy and SAFE Labor Day Weekend!!!!!

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Molly said...

Hi! First, thanks so much for commenting on my blog! (I just assume no one reads it because no one ever comments - so thanks!)

Second, I've heard so much about the Squeeze Inn and now I totally want to check it out! Love your posts and those burgers look amaaaazing! Happy blogging! :)