Monday, August 18, 2008

Tiffany's Bachelorette Party Weekend

All I can say is WOW!!!! Tiffany's bachelorette party weekend turned out even better than expected. We took Friday off and headed off to South Lake Tahoe and stayed at the Grand Residences by Marriott. The weather could not have been better. We kicked off the weekend with shots of Patron and headed off to the pool. We hung out, had cocktails and chatted for awhile. Then we headed back to the room to get ready for our first big night out! We went to Cabo Wabo for dinner and had a blast being silly and saying "hey sexy" to everyone that walked by... this was a part of our "scavenger hunt". We got points for every item we performed on the list! This is where the piggy back rides came into play. Theresa got 100 points for asking "Tractor Boy"(AKA "ADHD") to marry her. He said yes and they lived happily ever after. THEN we were pulled on stage at Harrah's for "Party with Arty". We danced our booties off and Arty requested that any available man over 70 years of age come up for a KISS from Tiffany... we got one taker. Then sang "Like a Virgin"... that didn't go so well! After our PARTY WITH ARTY we went to Vex... a nightclib at Harrah's. WHAT A BLAST! We danced until 3:30am. We woke up early the next morning (for whatever reason we couldn't sleep) and went to breakfast only to come back and change into our suits to lay by the pool again. More cocktails and some pizza (the good life haha!) and we once again headed back up to our room and fixed ourselves up for another night on the town. We went back to Cabo Wabo for DRINKS... well more shots than drinks but we "drank" them. Long story short we partied and danced until 4am (at Blu and back to Vex). Pictures are worth a thousand words... you see for yourself if you think we had a good time. There were too many good pics to post one by one sooooo here is a slideshow! Enjoy!!!!!Tiffany said had the best weekend ever with her girls. We were all so happy to be there for Tiff on her "last night out" as a single woman. We could not have had a better weekend. Now we are getting ready for her BIG DAY! I can't wait! I LOVE YOU TIFF!!!!!!!!

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