Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here comes VDAY!

Well hello there! Hope everyone is doing well on this Tuesday before VALENTINES DAY! =) I mention Valentines because I have nothing else to talk about! We don’t have much of anything going on this weekend. I am making dinner for Valentines Day on Saturday night. I would much rather relax at home with the one I love than fight the crowds and wait hours to eat out! I am making SUSHI! I am super excited. I have attemted sushi a couple of times in the past and lets just say it tastes better than it looks. This weekend I am trying my hand at a few different rolls. A spicy tuna roll with avacado and cucumber lightly battered in tempura batter and fried! A shrimp roll with avo and cucumber also. I am not sure if I will fry this roll or tempura batter/fry the shimp before rolling them inside. Last but not least I am making a smoked salmon roll with cream cheese and avacado! Wish me luck!

The fried rolls should look something like this... but I doubt mine will! HAHA

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