Monday, February 2, 2009

What an awesome-ly busy weekend! Definitely a caloric overload but we had a blast hanging out with friends the whole time!

Friday night was great with Jason, Jamie and Aiden... they LOVED my lasagna! Always nice to hear.

Saturday was a blast watching UFC at Tatum and Steve's house. We had never been over there. It was a really nice house. The only bad part was that BJ Penn lost to G.S.P. Win some and lose some I guess.

We had a great time at Jay and Andrea's on Sunday for SUPER BOWL! I am totally not into football and niether is Craig (thank god!) but we always like to watch the Super Bowl. It's just a lot of excitement that goes along with the Super Bowl. How can you not watch? It was a pretty good game too. Kept you on your toes watching. I wasn't really rooting for either team so I wasn't disappointed for the outcome!
Here are some pics from Super Bowl Sunday!
The girls...
Tatum and I
The girls again
The boys
Craig's focused!

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