Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Valentines Day Recap

Craig and I had an awesome Valentines Day! I got up and set out his card and some candy... went to Starbucks to get him a nice hot white mocha (his fave), I even made him french toast!
He got me an adorable card with what looked like Daisy when she was a puppy on it and a bottle of my FAVE wine! He took me to my favorite sushi place for lunch. We had a couple of drinks, edamame and sushi of course. It was so nice to have lunch together and beat the dinner crowd!
We decided the night before when we went to Chili's with some friends that we would have a GROUP valentines day! We went to Patty and Jose's house for carnitas! I made "VALEN-TINI'S" for the ladies. They consisted of champagne, lemon sorbet, a splash of vodka and sliced strawberries. SO GOOD! The ladies loved them. The food was amazing. We had an awesome time dancing, drinking, eating, playing rock band, etc.! I hate to say it but the night came to an abrupt halt when there was a bit of a  "confrontation" with a couple of the guys. Thank god Craig is a lover not a fighter. It wasn't him but I hope the guys can work it out and remain friends. Here are some pics of our crazy pajama party night... before the drama of course!
Patty and I kept taking pics together because we thought we didn't have any! LOL Now we have about 30!
We even cut Andrea out of this one! HAHA We thought we were so funny. It was an accident but still funny!
Just being crazy!
Then comes the tequila... they MADE me do it =)
Bottoms up
They FORCED me I tell ya!
Then the boys decided it was a good time to bust out the motorized toys.
Not so much!
Patty and I AGAIN! LOL
Beer and chocolate covered strawberries don't mix!
Oopsie! I cut off his head! Oh well... you get the idea ! LOL
We had an awesome time with all of our friends last night! Hope to do it again soon! Love you guys!
Now I am going to enjoy the rest of my 3 day weekend! No work tomorrow! YAY!

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