Monday, December 15, 2008

Good half of the weekend!

Good morning... well here I am at home. That means I have called in SICK! I wish I could say I was just playing hookie but nope... I got hit with a mean cold! My throat, my head, runny nose, sneezing... the works. I was up all night wishing I had some Nyquil or something to just knock me out! I have definately felt better in my days than I do at this moment! Oh well... suck it up huh? I did call in sick which I hate doing. I like to save up my time off for funner things like camping or vacations in Cancun but here I am at home! It's so not a good time to get sick. I have a ton to do. Luckily I wasn't overly busy at work. With Christmas being right around the corner I have some last minute gifts I need to get and I really need to start wrapping presents. Maybe I can muster up the energy to get started on that. I HATE BEING SICK!
Rewind to Friday night. We went to our friends Brandon and Veronica's house for a Christmas party! We had a great time. Craig and I both drank WAY too much. Thank you Patty and Jose for giving us a ride home... otherwise Style Taxi would have been called =) Safety first! Here are a couple of pics!
Andrea and her "old fart" mug. No it wasn't her bday... Brandon made her drink her wine from this! Classy!
Me, Veronica and Andrea. This pic reminds me of Step Brothers. My hand on Veronica's shoulder! So funny!
Christmas shots!
My man and I
Veronica, Patty, Me and Andrea
Just Patty and I!
Saturday night my brother Spenser and our friends Brett and Tiffany came over and watched the Ultimate Fighter finale. We ordered pizza... I made a huge salad and we had a quiet night. It was nice because that was actually the same night as mine and Tiffany's (we work together) Christmas party. Can I just say that vegging all night in my sweats was actually WAY more fun than I probably would have had at the Christmas party? Saturday night, however, was the night this nasty cold hit me. I could feel it coming on and was so disappointed. Nobody likes being sick.
Sunday Craig and I laid around all day. My excuse was that I was sick =) Craigs excuse was that I was sick too LOL! Just kidding. He normally works on weekends but yesterday was rainy so he got to hang out w/ me. We baked cookies and I even made some banana bread. I am the type of person who can't stand sitting at home and doing nothing! Today is going to kill me! I will have to find something to keep myself busy.

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