Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let the Christmas shopping begin!

Ok I have officially started my Christmas shopping! I am so excited. I am finally getting into the holiday spirit! Things have been kinda blah lately and I am pretty sure it has to do w/ some of the family "issues" I have going on right now. It's very sad but I need to suck it up and realize people will be people and be happy and thankful for those who are there for me (and Craig). Those are the ones who are most important in the long run anyway! ANYWAY... enough mushy stuff. LOL! I finally got around to ordering my christmas cards yesterday (slacker... I know!) and they are going to be SUPER cute. I can't wait to get them and start sending them out. If you are lucky maybe YOU will get one =) I didn't have a picture that was "christmas card material" of all 4 of us (Craig, me and the "kids") so I ended up finding a cute one of Craig and I and added one of Roxy and one of Daisy on each side. I couldn't leave out the "kids" =)
I was totally bummed today because I set out to do some christmas shopping on my lunch hour and it didn't work out. I couldn't find one gift for one person! I got back to work and did a little web-surfing and found some REALLY good gifts for some of the guys in the family. That totally flipped my mood! Such a relief. I find the guys in my family are way harder to buy for than the girls. Even the younger ones! So I am glad that is out of the way! Ahhh let the madness begin!

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