Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 @ Stonyford

What a nice LONG weekend! I am happy to say we are HOME. I am SO exhausted but it was well worth it. I have to say the "company" was a little different (some not all!) but for the most part we had a great time camping, riding and partying! We camped with our friends Keith and Alicia. They knew one couple out of the ginormous group we camped with and that's about it. We made the best of it and enjoyed our holiday together. I had my two favorite men with me... Craig and Spenser and of course my favorite girls... Roxy and Daisy! =)
Stonyford is a lot different from where we normally camp. It's all dirt, rocks and trees... no soft sand. Which was kind of a bummer since I rolled my quad! YES I ROLLED IT (I do ride for those of you who may think I don't! LOL) I have never been so scared. I seriously thought I was going to have a broken rib or two. I hit a burm on the side of the trail and it pulled my tire and flipped me... I jumped off and landed on my stomach and the quad landed on my back. I have some "battle wounds". A few scrapes and bruises but thank GOD nothing was broken! Whew. My quad also has some scrapes and bruises! It was so pretty and "like new" now... not so much! It definately looks "loved". Oh well... better it than me =)

Me and my Man!
Alicia gettin' crazy on the turkey! It was SO GOOD.
Craig and I... just before my crash! My quad was still in good shape!
Spenser and I
Last but not least... the wreckage!

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