Friday, December 19, 2008

Made it through another week!

I cheated a little. I was off Monday and Tuesday but I was SUPER sick... they were still rough days. Ahhhhh but I am so glad it's Friday. Those two days off really made my week fly! Next week I work Mon/Tues and 1/2 day Wednesday (Christmas eve) then am off until Monday, Jan 5! Holy COW that's a long time! I can't wait!
I am super stoked because tonight my boss is taking me and a few other lucky employees out for appetizers and cocktails! Later Craig and I will probably get something to eat and I have no idea what else. MAYBE I can talk him into taking me to look at Christmas lights! I love driving around looking at the lights. Normally I am able to talk "the Grinch" (AKA Craig) into it every year! We'll see!

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